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Identifying grant-making trusts using the Guidestar UK website

Either I have too much time on my hands, or I am still looking for ways to avoid getting up on the scaffolding, and patching up and repainting the front of the house. Whatever may be the case, I have been rummaging in the Guidestar UK website, using the advanced search function.
I have been looking for grantmaking trusts (so ticked that box) and inserted family in the field for the charity name. While it does show a few family centres, etc., it also produces quite a few grant-making trusts. I also searched by various income levels, but you could choose to search by keyword and/or the address field. I stopped when I had identified 45 likely looking trusts, then checked Trustfunding, and found that 23 were not included on the DSC website. Going to the accounts for the trusts, I have found quite a few substantial grant making trusts that would appear to be “unpublished”.
Some are also registered companies, so there are ways to identify the address of the listed trustees.
What’s your favourite (!?) way of using Guidestar UK?

Finbar Cullen


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