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Samaritans create new donor welcome pack

Samaritans create new donor welcome pack

Samaritans has created a new welcome pack for its regular donors. Designed by engagement marketing agency , it shows how continued support makes a real difference to people’s lives, with the aim of encouraging donors to continue their regular support.

The pack includes a booklet entitled ‘Thank you for understanding’ which outlines facts about how many people rely on Samaritans for help, ways in which the charity supports people, and how it relies almost entirely on donations from the public.

The pack also features a letter from 23-year old Emma, which is contained in an envelope which reads ‘You don’t know me, but you may have just saved my life’. After experiencing depression and suicidal feelings for a number of years, she tried to take her own life, unaware of the support that was available to her through Samaritans. She now realises the value of their round-the-clock confidential support service.

The welcome pack also contains a set of brightly coloured fridge magnets to use and remind them of the good work they are now supporting.

“The welcome pack aims to reassure newly recruited regular supporters that they’ve made the right decision, and to demonstrate how their ongoing personal investment can make such a big difference to the work carried out by Samaritans,” said Corinne LeLoup, Senior Account Director at TDA. “We hope that the pack will make people feel proud of the decision they’ve made to support the charity’s work.”

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