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Time to choose Fundraising's 50 Most Influential

Howard Lake | 15 April 2011 | Blogs

Fundraising magazine has announced that voting is open for the 2011 poll to determine who are the most influential people in the fundraising sector. Readers are invited to list “the ten people who most inspire and influence you in your work”.
The poll is treated with great seriousness by some (although few will admit it), by others as a bizarre and partial snapshot of what is a much more diverse sector than the results usually indicate, and by many others as a curious guide to who seemingly matters in this fine sector.
I’m sure you’ll have noticed that my most recent blog post covered a similar, albeit more pointedly named, award: Who will win the Award for Narcissism in Philanthropy?.
So, now’s your chance to a) boost your professional standing (or that of your boss, friends or colleagues by voting for them); b) knock the opposition agency or charity by explicitly not voting for one of their staff or c) treating the poll with some degree of objectivity.
I’ll leave that choice to you.
From number 40 in last year’s list. Not that my worst showing rankles…