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UK Fundraising contributors recognised in 50 Most Influential poll

Howard Lake | 23 May 2008 | Blogs

I’m delighted to see that three of UK Fundraising’s bloggers appeared in Professional Fundraising magazine’s 50 Most Influential in Fundraising poll 2008.
Congratulations to:
* 4: Stephen George, director of legacies at NSPCC and chair of the Remember a Charity legacy campaign
* 36: Simon Collings, chief executive of the Resource Alliance
* 47: John Thompson, Managing Director of Changing Business
But there are a number of names missing from the list that I would have expected to be there. What about Kevin Kibble, managing director at Our Lasting Tribute? And Ian MacQuillin at fundraising sector PR specialists TurnerPR? Rupert Tappin of Future Fundraising and founder of the Fundraising Academy last year?
Anyone else that you’re surprised not to find there? No sour grapes please – just make sure you nominate and vote in the 2009 poll.