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Celebrate Spring on Flickr with a surprise!

Spring is here! Yes! So we are calling all social media friendly fundraisers to stand up from their desks, grab their mobile phones and go out for a walk in search for…dandelions;) See time to time we like to practice what we preach and do a little bit of content creation mixed with happy creativity ourselves so we hope you will join us too.  We are constantly looking for case studies and creative ideas, but how about we take part in one? 

This time we are looking at Flickr skills. Ready? Here is the task:

1. Go for a walk,


How to move from Fundraiser to CEO - by Bruce Tait. Upwards white arrow on blue background.

2. Take a photo of a dandelion,

3. Upload it to your Flickr account,

4. Tag it “#nfpvoice”

5. Add it to our Flickr group here

All done! 

Getting up, moving out and daring to be creative (feel free to use Hipstamatic, Photoshop, or other apps on your phone or computer!) can be difficult so to motivate you we decided to give away a series of social media consultations and two mini brand audits from Voice (more info here.). 

Make sure you let us know if you had a nice time! We will hunt for dandelions too, so join us! Let’s see if we can cross the line between talking about engagement and getting involved ourselves in this rather pleasant way!