Saying thank you with Twitter campaign

Howard Lake | 13 December 2011 | Blogs


Now, this new O2 Christmas campaign running on Twitter belongs obviously to commercial sector however I truly believe that there is a lot nonprofits can learn from it. Basically O2 team on Twitter is asking their followers (or any other Twitteratti) to tweet a copy of Christmas message with tag #o2santa at their @O2 account. If you do it before midday of Thursday the 15th their team will record Santa passing this message on to your readers, friends or family on YouTube. The end result is brilliant! Just have a look:

As a blogger I find this idea really engaging – it’s fun. But more than that – it actually provides me with great content for my blog, my e-mail holiday wishes or social network update.

As a social media marketer I understand that it might be one of those projects that is really difficult to manage logistically, might be a bit expensive but is really well structured, relevant and IS fun! The entry barrier to this activity is very low – basically you need to have a Twitter account. It creates content that makes people happy and will be shared! Users expectations are managed – @O2 does not promise to answer all tweets but as many as possible. It’s consistent all across many channels – Twitter account uses Christmas narrative too if you talk to them about it. It’s extremely well timed and positioned. Each video contains the description of entire activity to allow easier reach of new audiences:

“Welcome to O2’s very own virtual Santa’s Grotto. Because O2 knows that we can’t all be with loved ones during the festive season, we thought we’d find a way to help spread some cheer this Christmas — all thanks to Santa, who has taken some time off to give us a hand with our mission. If you’d like to send a message to a loved one from Santa’s grotto, all you need to do is Tweet with the message you’d like Santa to read out to @O2 using the hashtag #o2santa. Santa will record your message and we’ll send you a Tweet with a link to it once it’s ready to go so you can pass it on. Whether you’re sending a message to your son or daughter, a far-flung friend or relative, or just want to send a festive love-bomb to your Twitter friends … use O2 Santa to spread a little love this Christmas. Santa’s grotto is open from 9.00 am on 12 December to 12.00 pm (midday) on 15 December. We will try our best to deliver all messages we receive in time for Christmas!”

It’s one of those PR activities on-line that bring value to the readers. You are not pushed to be an O2 customer, like the Facebook page or even follow the @O2 Twitter account. It’s a classic example of giving something enjoyable to the public. Small thank you gesture which – I am sure – will help the brand perception and boost the @O2 sales one way or another. Good idea, well executed and fun – one to learn from! (You can find Howard Lake’s message here)

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