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In Support of the Real Meaning of Social Capital

In Support of the Real Meaning of Social Capital


marketing industry is full of buzzwords and I think that “social capital” starts to become one of those as well. I am worried, as I am a fan and strong supporter (worried to say “ambassador” or “evangelist”;)) of the power of real tools, real connections, real social capital to drive change and improve our lives. Now, some of you might know Lloyd Davis, the founder of London Tuttle Club (weekly hub of social media fans) and if you do not, I strongly encourage you to follow and listen to him now. He is going to spend a month in the USA testing the meaning of his social capital.


Tuttle founder crossing America using Social Capital ONLY
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The very idea of donating money for his trip proves the power of his networks. I support the idea and the fact he is actually sharing his findings on his blog. If you want to become a part of his experiment, support him and follow his steps! I am sure it is worth it. Why? Because I know him, I vouch for him, I am part of his real, measurable social capital;) 

Community Champion at Off the Record (Bristol) - a mental health social movement by and for young people in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Social media advisor, blogger and trainee cyber wellness counsellor.

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