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Ireland in top league of philanthropy

Ireland’s wealthy people are amongst the most generous in the world in donating significant amounts of money and time to charitable causes, according to a new report by Barclays Wealth.
‘Global Giving: The Culture of Philanthropy’ measured the resources being invested into charity and causes by wealthy people across the world, using both money and time as gauges for the first time. The report also looked at some of the drivers behind these giving behaviours, identifying unique cultural factors that shape a country’s philanthropic style and motivate individuals to give to charity.
The USA was top amongst wealthy people who said that philanthropy was one of their top three spending priorities followed in order by South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Ireland and Taiwan. Ireland is top when it comes to volunteering.
The report puts Ireland’s culture of philanthropy down to ‘a strong sense of community and personal connections to communities and causes.’
Emma Turner, Director of Client Philanthropy at Barclays Wealth commented: “This report provides a strong sense of how the global community is really engaging with philanthropy – above and beyond simply donating money. This is the first time we’ve seen both money and time used as indicators of an individual’s giving behaviours in research, and it is especially interesting to see the diversity of this involvement in charities across global regions.”