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Beth Kanter speaks on the networked nonprofit at The Guardian

Beth Kanter speaks on the networked nonprofit at The Guardian

Social media thinker, writer, practitioner and explainer Beth Kanter spoke this morning at The Guardian in London to a room full of charity sector people interested in how charities can use social media.

Beth is in London briefly and gives another talk tonight hosted by @Justgiving (but it’s full-booked, I’m afraid). The event was hosted by The Guardian as part of the launch of its Guardian Voluntary Sector Network.

The focus of her talk (and her recently co-authored book) was the ‘networked nonprofit’. Beth argues that the popular use of social media means that charities and nonprofits need to adapt, to become ‘networked nonprofits’. Social media aren’t just channels to exploit in terms of fundraising, campaigning and service delivery: their open nature, the ceding of control of brand, and the risk to reputation mean that traditional views of how charities operate as organisations need to change and develop.

Naturally, she accepts that this can be very hard for most organisations. But it isn’t an issue that can be ducked.

Here is some of the content created and shared at Beth’s talk to give all those who were joining in from afar, or who couldn’t take part, to experience and learn from.

First, Beth’s presentation:

Secondly, Beth’s account of her session.

Thirdly, The Guardian have published an audio recording of the whole of her presentation in their report of the event.

Now here are some video snippets that I made:

David Wilcox (@socialreporter) interviewed @kanter with @stevebridger who had helped organise her appearance at this event:

I recorded two sections of Beth’s talk:

Sylwia Presley (@nfpvoice) has used to aggregate selected content from today’s event:

I took some photos of the event:

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