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Fundraising difficulties hit another air ambulance

Howard Lake | 26 August 2010 | News

Fundraising difficulties have led to serious problems within the administration of another proposed air ambulance service in Ireland.
Last year an air ambulance organisation in Northern Ireland folded and then reopened following publicity about fundraising and administration expenses and the viability of the service. The latest problems relate to an air ambulance operation in the Irish Republic.
It is understood the All Ireland Air Ambulance has struggled to raise the €85,000 per month required to operate it. The organisation has also not reached an agreement with the health authorities and the launch of the service has been delayed for nearly two years.
The All Ireland Air Ambulance was established by Derek Rowe following the death of a close friend in a road crash near Killarney, Co Kerry. Mr Rowe has split with the AIAA and is proposing to set up his own organisation, the People’s Children’s Air Ambulance.
While the AIAA has experienced similar difficulties to the operation in Northern Ireland related to fundraising targets and links to the health authorities, the two organisations are separate.
Current air ambulance services in the Irish Republic are provided by the Irish Air Corp.