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MyDunkTank – new fundraising portal

MyDunkTank – new fundraising portal

So new, they mention June 2010 as founding month on their Facebook fan page! Yet is has already been featured on Mashable, the leading social media blog.

I personally love one particular element of site dynamics and the entire fundraising process – unpredictability. Basically what you need to do is post a challenge you intent to DARE to face on MyDunkTank and let your donors decide what the exact details of it would be. Now, you have probably heard that gaming is one of the current trends in social media due to its interactiveness, engaging and network building nature. I think this site is a classic example of a simplified on-line game for the cause: to raise money. Giving money to support the challenges becomes a natural element of the game, of joining the team. By joining the team we become engaged. By defying the challenge we feel creatively fulfilled. By voting for the best one we feel empowered. All those positive feeling combined with the bravery of fundraisers build great tool – simple, easy to use, fun and useful. What more could you ask for?

(photo taken form their main site)

Community Champion at Off the Record (Bristol) - a mental health social movement by and for young people in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Social media advisor, blogger and trainee cyber wellness counsellor.

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