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Creating videos that truly stand out

In last week’s blog I suggested that a good way to get your fundraising and campaigning messages across with greater impact was to let others tell your stories for you.  But when there are 24 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds how on earth can you ensure your video stories stand out?

I’ve seen a great video this week from Sussex Safer Roads which aims to encourage more people to wear seatbelts (thanks to the Fundraising Detective for pointing it out in another very interesting post).

The video was launched on YouTube in January and has subsequently attracted over nine and a half million views!  So, the story must be compelling to achieve this kind of cut-though and viral support.

Now, seatbelt campaigns are nothing new and there are hundreds of films on YouTube extolling their virtues.  However, none have generated anywhere near the same level of interest.  I believe there are several key factors which make the Sussex Safer roads video stand out which we can all learn from:


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What do you think?  Obviously there are other factors which contributed to the campaign’s success but I would love to hear your thoughts and any other examples you have of messages achieving real-world standout.