IFC Online to explore online donors’ behaviour

Howard Lake | 29 April 2010 | News

Next month’s IFC Online event takes place from 11-13 May 2010 and focuses exclusively on digital fundraising, and in particular on understanding online donors’ behaviour.
The event is the second virtual fundraising conference from global capacity building charity the Resource Alliance.
It features three 45-minute plenaries, 10 live 45-minute workshops, interactive 15-minute question and answer sessions following each live speaker presentation, and a selection of pre-recorded 15 minute sessions.
There will also be networking opportunities for delegates.
The event also includes a virtual exhibition area featuring digital fundraising consultants and suppliers.
The three plenary sessions will be:

The conference aims to serve an international audience of fundraisers. As a result, the programme has been designed so that all live workshops will be available at least once during the hours of a normal working day, whatever time zone a delegate is based within. All sessions will also be available as podcasts to listen to later.
IFC Online is presented by the Resource Alliance in collaboration with Forum for Fundraising and the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN). Its organisers are presenting it as a cost-effective learning opportunity for fundraisers around the world. The cost to attend is £180 (€206 or $US279) per site. This means that multiple staff or volunteers from each organisation can attend the conference on a single registration pass, providing that they share access from one central location such as a meeting room or auditorium.
“Digital fundraising moves at such a fast pace,” said Mal Warwick, Chair of IFC Online, “but it’s not only the methodology and techniques that are changing. Donor behaviour is changing too. This year’s IFC Online looks at both the practical techniques necessary for digital fundraising, as well as how you can get a better understanding of the donor’s online journey, what online factors influence the decision to donate, and how to transform donors into online fundraisers, utilising their social networks”.
The first IFC Online was held in May 2009 and was attended by an estimated total of 1,800 delegates from over 400 sites from 42 countries across the developed and developing world. The event was particularly popular in the US, attracting 58% of delegates.
The Resource Alliance also runs the International Fundraising Congress in Holland, which is this year celebrating its 30th anniversary.

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