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‘Twixtmas’ offers five seasonal days of charity action

Howard Lake | 22 December 2009 | News

Twixmas (or Twixtmas)- chalked on a blackbaud with winter foliage around it. Photo: Howard Lake
Twixmas/Twixtmas 2020. Photo: Howard Lake

‘Twixtmas’ is the name being give to the gap between Christmas and New Year which offers a five-day opportunity to make the world a better place by supporting charities.

The public is being encouraged to celebrate this time of year by committing to doing five good things during the period of 27-31 December. Since many people in the UK find it hard to find the time to do good works, the holiday period offers an ideal opportunity, say organisers, for those who take off the week after Christmas.

Each of the five days of Twixtmas has a different theme. People are therefore invited to celebrate themselves on the first day, do something unselfish by celebrating others on the second, and do something for a friend, for the planet, or for their future on the remaining days.


How to move from Fundraiser to CEO - by Bruce Tait. Upwards white arrow on blue background.

The idea for Twixtmas celebrations is being promoted by the Flexible Thinking Forum, a new not-for-profit social enterprise which works to provide training for more creative and flexible thinking among businesses and organisations.

The organisers are encouraging charities and voluntary groups to seize the opportunity of Twixtmas to encourage action amongst their supporters.

Andy Green of the Flexible Thinking Forum said of Twixtmas:

“We are all incredibly ‘time poor’ yet the time between the Christmas and New Year holiday is a fantastic opportunity to take the Twixtmas Pledge, doing at least five things to change your world for the better. Who knows, Twixtmas could become as recognised as other major festive holidays!”