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Guide Dogs' Sponsor a Puppy to move online

Howard Lake | 1 September 2009 | News

Guide Dogs is expanding its digital direct marketing to strengthen its supporter acquisition and retention activity. Initial projects include digitisation of the charity’s flagship Sponsor a Puppy initiative.

Originally devised as a purely offline scheme to enhance donor engagement, from this Autumn supporters will also be able to access online material. At launch, this will include video footage of guide dog puppies in training and a blog that will incorporate news, photos and “insider updates”.

The second phase of activity will involve material that is more tailored to individual supporters and their puppies.


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The charity’s fundraising team is working with direct marketing agency TDA to develop a more sophisticated approach to digital direct marketing. TDA has been working with Guide Dogs since 2006.

“Sponsor a Puppy had to be first in the queue for a digital makeover,” said Karolina Skrzynecka, Online Fundraising Manager at Guide Dogs.

“Supporters love to hear about the antics of guide dog puppies in training, and online channels enable us to bring this to life in new and exciting ways. With its fundraising acumen and digital expertise, TDA was the natural choice of agency to support our expansion of online direct marketing and supporter relations.”

Emmeline Kite, Account Director at TDA, added: “Over coming months we will be developing appeal-specific landing pages and virtual giving sites as well as online legacy and in memoriam activity. This will go hand-in-hand with our ongoing work with the charity.”