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Wealth Bulletin's “40 Rising Stars in European Wealth Management”

Howard Lake | 26 May 2009 | Blogs

Wealth Bulletin (www.wealth-bulletin.com) has just published its list of the “40 Rising Stars in European Wealth Management” for 2009. The list is available from the website, and includes 28 people based in London. There are a few interesting looking snippets amongst the entries – a couple of “keen sportsmen”, some information on where some of them were educated, etc. I found a few on DASH, and even justgiving. I think that the list provides a good starting point for further research.

While looking at the people listed, I came across Citywealth (www.citywealthmag.com) which lists people in Private Wealth Management in various parts of the world. That’s another list that might be worth looking at …..

Finbar Cullen


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