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Free information for charities at the City Business Library

Howard Lake | 11 March 2009 | Blogs

The latest (free) newsletter from the City Business Library (www.cityoflondon.gov.uk) starts off with information about free information for charities. Apparently you can use their company information databases such as FAME and OneSource to create mailing lists. However, some staff at some libraries have been a bit loathe to clearly explain the licence conditions re their electronic databases, so do double check.
You can also use printed sources if you prefer, including the D&B Business Registers. Volumes 3-5 cover London, and include small businesses, not just registered companies. You can also use Who’s Who, Who’s Who in the City, Charity Finance Yearbook, Charities Management, and Professional Fundraising, amongst others.
The newsletter doesn’t mention the electronic newspaper databases. They have NewsUK (and OneSource, of course), as well as various individual titles. Check out the website for the PDF of “Online resources available in the library”, or call them on that telephone thing.
City Business Library offers introductory presentations on company information resources, including both these databases. Just contact City Business Library if you would like to attend one. They are free but you do need to book in advance.
For those of you that don’t get to London that often, check out your local library. http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/town/square/ac940/weblibs.html makes a good starting point, with links to lots of public library websites.
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Finbar Cullen


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