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Let it snow

Howard Lake | 2 February 2009 | Blogs

Although not a rant along the usual lines about the lack of preparedness for the current weather – and nobody can say we didn’t see it coming – I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to note the advantages of life outside the English capital.
Of a team of 21 due in today, only the four dependent on the rail network didn’t make it in to the office in central Brighton … the rest just walked. Admittedly it took one of them – Diane bless her – over an hour but she’s here …
Mind you, so few of our charity partners are about that most of the team are watching out of the window as hugely irresponsible ‘drivers’ skate the ungritted roads. Did nobody tell them ‘high gear, low revs’ when they learnt to drive?
And we poor pedestrians have to dice with death alongside them … really, what’s so important that they have to put our lives at risk?
Anyhow, it’s hot pies all round and early closing so everybody gets home safely again before dark … traffic allowing 🙂