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Are you claiming Gift Aid on donated goods?

Howard Lake | 15 November 2008 | Blogs

If your charity benefits from re-selling goods donated by the public, and you are not currently seeking Gift Aid declarations from the donors it’s time you started.
Oxfam is currently piloting a new scheme called ‘Tag your Bag’ which aims to encourage people donating goods for re-sale in its shops to sign up for Gift Aid. The pilot is running in 12 shops with the charity planning to roll the scheme out nationally if it is successful. www.oxfam.org.uk/tagyourbag
Other charities are also making an effort to recover Gift Aid on donated goods. British Heart Foundation volunteers for example ask donors to complete a Gift Aid form when the donate goods in a shop. The donor is issued with a unique number and a card which they can show each time they bring goods to the shop.
As the economy slides deeper into recession this is surely an income source not to be ignored.