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Legacy Foresight invites new members for 2009

Howard Lake | 13 October 2008 | News

Following the launch of its benchmarking service Legacy Monitor this year, Legacy Foresight is inviting other charities to join for the 2009 project.
Legacy Monitor, launched in partnership with Clearwater Consultancy, offers analysis, benchmarking and predictions for the British legacy market.
Members receive three quarterly benchmarking reports a year (March/September/December), including the latest legacy income and notifications data for each member charity, on a named basis. They also receive a detailed market audit report in July consisting of an analysis of trends in the marketplace, and more detailed benchmarking data on range of factors. Each charity’s data remains confidential, and is benchmarked against the group’s averages and totals.
Member charities are required to provide a quarterly download of top-line legacy performance data in January, July and October, together with a more extensive set of legacy data in April.
The cost of the service is £4,000 +VAT.