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New forum for prospect research in Europe

Howard Lake | 23 September 2008 | Blogs

A group of prospect researchers has set up an online discussion forum for prospect researchers who research prospects throughout Europe.
The europrospecting group has been set up using Yahoo! Groups’ free service.
Jude Woodger, Research and Communications Officer at Oxfam GB, explained the need for the forum on the prospect-research-uk forum.
“Prospect research into Europe… can prove quite tricky and researchers can face cultural and language barriers”, she wrote, “as well as trouble accessing information and resources. This group has been set up to help those prospecting into Europe – where they can swap ideas, knowledge, news as well as ask questions and share frustrations”.
There is no charge to use the group but applications need to be approved by the moderator.
The group is so new that no messages have been posted yet, but there are already 28 members.
The group joins other prospect research discussion forums including prospect-research-uk which has 655 members and the Researchers in Fundraising LinkedIn Group which has 37 members.