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YouTube video of the year 2008 – 30 million views!

Howard Lake | 19 September 2008 | News

Juan Mann set out to offer ‘Free Hugs’ to strangers “to brighten up their lives”. It’s not a fundraising campaign, but there is an element of social action once the campaign was banned by local police and Mann set out to collect 10,000 signatures on a petition to reinstate the campaign.
What is most significant about this video is that it has attracted 30,596,938 views as of today. Thirty million views! Mann says that it is ” Youtube video of the year”.
So, feelgood low-budget videos can, if you’re lucky, generate massive interest both on YouTube and in other media – look at the videos of the various TV interviews Mann took part in.
Does the Free Hugs Campaign inspire your charity to share something via YouTube or similar sites?



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