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Charity Commission shares lessons of compliance work

Howard Lake | 16 September 2008 | News

The Charity Commission has published a report detailing real-life examples of problems faced by charities that the Commission has had to deal with over the past year. ‘Charities Back on Track’ is designed to help charities avoid experiencing the same difficulties.
The report covers good governance, fighting fraud, fundraising, vulnerable beneficiaries, tackling the threat of terrorism, and disputes. In each case it explains how the Commission dealt with them.
This is the first time that the Commission has brought together and published the impact and lessons of investigatory case work.
The report also includes statistics on the cases that the Compliance and Support team dealt with in 2007-08, with 42 inquiry reports published, 171 non-inquiry compliance cases closed, and £16 million of charity assets directly protected. In total, 200 cases were brought to a conclusion during the year, with 104 active cases at year end.
Andrew Hind, Chief Executive of the Charity Commission, said: “This report brings together the huge variety of our compliance work for the first time, showcasing some of the most interesting and significant cases we’ve dealt with this year. It gives trustees pointers to ensure they don’t repeat the mistakes of other charities, as well as letting them keep their fingers on the pulse of emerging sector-wide trends”.