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BT Yahoo! searches to benefit ChildLine

Howard Lake | 2 September 2008 | News

BT is to donate 5% of the revenue generated from searches on sponsored links at BT Yahoo! to ChildLine to support the expansion of its night service.
BT has been a supporter of ChildLine since the charity was established almost 22 years ago. It expects to to donate at least £100,000 plus VAT to ChildLine as a result of this initiative.
John Petter, managing director, BT Retail Consumer said of the initiative: “This ground-breaking partnership between BT Yahoo! and ChildLine will enable our customers to raise funds while they search online for their summer holiday or compare insurance deals”.
The new partnership follows research from BT that reveals the number of Internet users spending more than 10 hours per week has nearly trebled in 10 years from 10% in 1998 to 29% in 2008. BT’s 21st Century Life Index Report, carried out by Ipsos MORI, also revealed that The number of internet users visiting over 20 websites a week has also more than doubled in 10 years (from 8% to 19%).