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Cancer Research UK welcomes 200th intern

Howard Lake | 4 August 2008 | News

Cancer Research UK has now taken on its 200th intern. Since the scheme was introduced three years ago its interns have contributed 90,000 hours to the charity, which the charity estimates is the equivalent of more than £1 million in terms of financial contribution.
Three times each year the charity takes on about 30 interns, mainly students, graduates and professionals who are looking for a career change. They each volunteer for twelve weeks and gain valuable work experience with a major UK charity.
Currently 33 of the former interns are now actually employed by Cancer Research UK, and many more have gone on to join different organisations across the third sector.
Interns get to work on a wide range of projects including event logistics, brand guardianship, marketing communications, producing and editing short films, website editorial and external world analysis.
The intern programme won the National Council for Work Experience’s award for Best Work Experience Provider in the Charity Sector 2005-2006 and 2006-2007.