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Ken Burnett's new book – and it's not about fundraising

Howard Lake | 1 August 2008 | Blogs

Fundraising expert Ken Burnett has written a new book. But, unlike ‘Relationship Fundraising‘, ‘Friends for Life‘, ‘The Zen of Fundraising‘ and his other fundraising bestsellers, this one focuses on the view from his house in rural Brittany.
Although he has lived in an attractive French hamlet for the past thirteen years, he released that he knew next to nothing about his surroundings. So for 12 months he has explored the field by his house with his wife Marie, three dogs, and neighbours and discovered a wondrous natural world.
He discovers foxes, mushrooms, wild flowers and moorhens, and much more, describing the changing seasons.
The book has received some very good reviews already, with The Sunday Times Culture section reviewer suggesting that “I have a sneaking suspicion this could take off in a Year in Provence kind of way.”