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Are you paying too much for your software?

Howard Lake | 29 July 2008 | Blogs

Did you know that as part of its CSR programme Microsoft provides NGOs around the world with free software?
A range of products can be accessed online and there is also a process through which NGOs can apply for technology grants. Microsoft operates a global partnership with TechSoup through which NGOs can purchase software for the cost of just the handling fee. The agent for TechSoup in the UK is Charity Technology Trust.
Microsoft’s website provides full details plus a forum for discussing technology issues and other resources – including a list of approved capacity building organisations. As a major grant maker Microsoft is keen to support grantees and other NGOs with information and advice. Resource Alliance has recently been added to the list of ‘NGO partners’ after we carried out research for Microsoft into the sustainability of their Unlimited Potential programme in Asia.
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