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Fundraisers still among early adopters using Twitter

Howard Lake | 24 July 2008 | Blogs

If you are a fundraiser using micro-blogging tool then you are in a small and select group. Although it was launched in March 2006, it is still the little brother/sister of social networks, although it is growing rapidly – hence the seemingly endless outages while its servers struggle to connect.
I’ve just searched the directory of Twitter users to see how many included the word ‘fundraising’ in their name, biog or location. There are currently just 88 users around the world who mention the word in their profile.
Of course, other Twitter users post tweets about fundraising and some twitterers will have chosen not to mention their day job as a fundraiser. But still, it is exciting to be in at a relatively early time in the adoption of Twitter by our profession.
That statistic takes me back to the time in 1994 when I searched the web for the word “fundraising” and came up with around 400 or so results. I’ve got a print out of those results somewhere. The same search on Google today yields 35.6 million results!
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