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Leona leaves $12m to her dog, amusingly called Trouble – ah bless!

Howard Lake | 14 July 2008 | Blogs

So, where were you when she also left $8 billion for the care and welfare of dogs? See http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=953357. Amid all the indignation around IFC Towers water-cooler this week is a sad realisation that we are still surprised at the obvious. “Old lady cared for by dog but not family loses plot”, or should we say, “old lady not even cared for by the charities she had supported all her life regains sanity and leaves all to her best friend and faithful companion.”
It is beginning to sink in that we are very good at caring for our beneficiaries, but really rather rubbish at caring for our donors, in the obvious human way of showing compassion and generosity of spirit when their giving pattern changes. Should we not be solicitous of their health and wellbeing when they are old and infirm?
John, thinking of changing his name to Rover, Baguley