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FRSB denies financial crisis

The Fundraising Standards Board and Institute of Fundraising have issued a joint statement to deny that the Board is in financial difficulties.
Colin Lloyd, Chair of the Fundraising Standards Board and Paul Amadi, Chair of the Institute of Fundraising said: “In response to accusations from the third sector press that the Fundraising Standards Board is facing financial crisis, we categorically deny that this is the case. The Fundraising Standards Board is not in financial crisis. Funding is in place for the next financial year and beyond. The financial sustainability of the FRSB is not in question”.
They pointed to the Board’s success in securing 900 member charities, representing 35% of all money given by the public to charities, adding that both “the Government and Scottish Government are pleased with progress”.
Amadi and Lloyd added: “A year on since public launch, planning for the next phase of the development of the Fundraising Standards Board in the context of a self-regulatory environment is at the forefront of our minds.
“Options being considered include broadening the remit of the Fundraising Standards Board to capture and act on complaints from organisations that are not in its membership, more equitable fees structures and more support for charities to further their best practice through the implementation of the Codes of Fundraising Practice.”