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The Co-operative Bank gives £20,000 to 23 groups

Howard Lake | 11 July 2008 | News

The Co-operative Bank has made grants of £20,000 to 23 organisations in its latest grantmaking round. The donations are made only to charities, community organnisations and social groups that use the Bank’s Community Directplus Account.
Since the account was established in 2003, the Bank has given £155,000 to almost 200 groups.
Community Directplus offers charities and voluntary groups free banking, credit interest (on balances of £2,000 or more), and the facility to manage the account online, by phone or at the Post Office. In addition organisations become eligible for financial support from the Customer Donation Fund.
The latest beneficiaries include a charity that plans to purchase and repair two ex-service ambulances for a hospital in Gambia, and a group that runs an annual event aimed at raising awareness of environmental and ethical issues.