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Barclays and NCH offer financial advice to parents

Howard Lake | 2 July 2008 | News

An ICM survey for NCH and Barclays has found that 12% of people have gone hungry or skipped a meal in the last year due to rising food prices, with the figure rising to nearly one in five (19%) for those on the lowest incomes.
The charity and the bank commissioned the poll to highlight the work being done as part of their Financial Futures partnership, a three-year initiative aimed at helping families and young people on low incomes avoid debt and manage their money more successfully.
Around 100 Barclays volunteers are providing basic money management advice to parents during workshops at local NCH services across England and Wales. The company is investing £1.8 million in these workshops, together with support and advice for vulnerable people on how to manage their money by explaining terms such as APR, how to budget and the differences between lending organisations.
The bank and charity have now published a package of free tips, budgetary advice, and recipes from families with first-hand experience of stretching their weekly shop to make their food go further.
One of the tips urges shoppers to cut down on unnecessary waste by planning their meals in advance and sticking to a shopping list – something the poll found that nearly two-thirds (63%) of people don’t do.