The Drum’s global Do It Day brings marketers together to do good

Howard Lake | 9 November 2016 | News

Marketing and media platform The Drum is running its second annual Do It Day tomorrow, in which marketers at major companies and charities come together “to change the world”.
The Do It Day initiatives will take over billboards in New York and London, and events will take place in the UK, USA and Singapore. Other marketers can join in through the Do It Yourself Fringe.


UK activities

In the UK, 16 companies including Airbnb, Digital Futures, Coca-Cola, ClientEarth and Eating Better Alliance are involved with top marketers from the creative industries. They have set 13 challenges for the day, and all are scheduled to come to fruition on 10 November through over 2,000 hours of voluntary work and the support of 90 talented volunteer marketers.
Projects include placing 100 digital apprentices and planting 15,000 trees.
Gordon Young, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, The Drum, said:

“We’re so impressed with the legacy these initiatives will have, adding more each year around the globe. Whether it’s Eating Better Alliance encouraging men to eat less meat, Dennis Publishing planting 15,000 trees or Digital Futures placing 100 apprentices, each challenge delivers tangible and long lasting benefits to the environment and people’s lives.”


The UK initiatives are:
Digital Futures will take 100 young aspiring apprentices on a branded #MeetYourFuture bus around London on a talent tour to creative and digital agencies, aiming to gain 100 pledges for apprenticeships.

Eating Better Alliance will drive forward the light-hearted #Vegcurious campaign to encourage men to eat less meat for health and environmental benefits.
ClientEarth will be launching the #LondonAir campaign idea, which highlights the illegal levels of pollution in the capital, incorporating an art installation using balloons as part of its campaign to tackle 10,000 early deaths each year in London from pollution.
Dixons Carphone’s campaign will aim to promote information sharing between South Africa and UK, documenting its long term project improving lives with technology. There will be a 360 degree video split between Africa and London via #AfriCAN #AfriCannect.
02 and Greengrass are launching #WalkTheTalk campaign encouraging men to share images of their feet whilst supporting gender equality, encouraging men to take paternity leave too.

xAd aim to tackle the food waste crisis by creating partnerships with logistics companies to help transport food to those who need it.
Coca-Cola will be launching part of their strategy to change people’s behaviour, encouraging them to always recycle and not litter.
Amnesty International will encourage people to go online and find out a refugee who they share their birthday with as part of the #KnowOnePerson campaign, to make a much more human connection to refugees.
Airbnb will create a hyper-local, community driven guidebook for hosts that could eventually drive footfall to local businesses and communities, continuing to become a really useful tool for communities around the globe.

• Dennis Publishing is improving on last year’s commitment by planting 15,000 trees in 2017. They will be launching a #TreesForTrees campaign about deforestation, which invites people to share images of themselves hugging trees and suggesting names.
Business in The Community (BITC) will create a High Street High School where representatives from bigger brands educate smaller businesses and share knowledge, with a long-term goal to encourage footfall, use empty premises and create jobs.
NSPCC will be raising awareness of Childline, relating the problems adults have to similar problems children have, yet are much less equipped to deal with. NSPCC will also be offering some Childline counseling to adults #KidsWithGrownUpProblems.
• IBM will be launching a Spotlight campaign to try and find more missing people.