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BAA Communities Trust supports Global Xchange for fifth year

Howard Lake | 22 June 2008 | News

BAA Communities Trust is partnering with VSO and the British Council to support the Global Xchange programme for the fifth year in a row. The scheme has also drawn matched funding from the youth volunteering organisation v for the third year running.
The Trust will invest more than £150,000 towards four Global Xchange programmes, matched pound for pound by v with the aim of inspiring more young people to get engaged in volunteering and community action.
Global Xchange is a six month programme which gives young people from different countries and different backgrounds an opportunity to work together as volunteers on community projects both in the UK and overseas. Global Xchange is run and managed by international development charity VSO and the British Council.
BAA Communities Trust, set up by airport operator BAA, is providing backing for four programmes during 2008 and 2009. To help fund the programmes, the Trust is supported by v, the youth volunteering organisation launched in 2006 to fund activity designed to inspire one million more volunteers.
BAA Communities Trust was established in 1996 by BAA. Since then it has made grants of more than £4 million for projects in the communities local to the company’s seven UK airports, to support charitable initiatives by staff and to global projects linked to youth development. It has provided more than £600,000 towards Global Xchange since 2004.