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Irish charitable tax guide published

Howard Lake | 15 June 2008 | News

PricewaterhouseCoopers in Ireland has recently published its updated Charitable Giving Guide.
The guide provides an overview of the tax incentives available for individuals and companies donating to charitable causes.
The 36-page guide contains numerous examples of the tax implications for a wide variety of donations, from individuals giving at the standard rate to corporate donations.
The Guide contains two appendices. The Taxes Consolidation Act (1997) provides tax incentives for donations to eligible charities and other approved bodies. Appendix 1 provides a list of other ‘approved bodies’ that are eligible under the Act. Appendix 2 demonstrates how to complete a CHY2, the Revenue certificate that allows eligible charities to reclaim the grossed up amount of tax associated with any donation from a PAYE donor.
The guide can be downloaded free from the PWC website under its ‘Not for Profit’ section.