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Best fundraising charity to work for

Cancer Research UK
Nominations said that Cancer Research UK is a “wonderful place to work” and at least one proposer who said they had never experienced “Sunday night dread” of having to go to work the following day.
“The organisation attracts passionate, determined individuals who truly care for the cause,” said one employee, “and this is reflected in everyday motivations making it a happy and inspiring working environment.” The team take a sense of pride in their job and work as hard as possible to achieve excellent results. The charity focuses on developing staff and offers support for personal development as well as developing management and leadership programmes.
Prostate Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF)
The team at PCRF consists of just four people, but is “dynamic and creative”. The recent very successful ‘Give a few bob’ campaign has made each member play to individual strengths and ‘muck in’ no matter what the job title may be. This means staff gain more skills, experiences and take on new roles as the charity develops. “We are part of the greater whole,” said one, who also pointed out that because the team is so small, partners and families get involved in fundraising for the organisation.
Save the Children
Save the Children’s staff think it is a “fantastic charity” to work for, not least because it is committed to sending fundraisers to projects, which makes a big impact in fundraisers’ ability to communicate with passion and excitement about their work. The training offered both internally and externally is second to none and enhancing skills and ability is always encouraged. Salaries are in the top quartile for the sector and other benefits are well above average.