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Best supplier 2011

The supplier that has gone the extra mile to demonstrate the greatest commitment and support to the sector
The shortlisted entries in alphabetical order are:
Brightsource Ltd
Home Fundraising
Workplace Giving
Brightsource works with more than 70 major UK and international charities including Macmillan Cancer Support, British Heart Foundation, UNICEF, Christian Aid and CAFOD. Those who nominated Brightsource described them as ‘one of the most dedicated and solution-based agencies in the sector. Starting as a print management agency, they now work as a full fundraising management agency. They have introduced a carbon footprinting service to measure the carbon lifecycle of fundraising mailings. They support sector events including the National Convention and IoF Scotland conference financially and through sharing best practice in seminar presentations. The annual Raffle Summit allowed fundraisers and volunteers from all types of charity to share knowledge in an open forum. Staff are ‘experienced, articulate and dedicated’ and never forget their clients are charities who wish to provide their supporters with the best value for the donations they give
Home Fundraising
Home has worked closely with Oxfam for two years, showing dedication and commitment to the development of door-to-door fundraising. Supplier ethics are vital to Oxfam and Home has been open and enthusiastic about its Impactt ethical practices audit carried out in August 2010. The audit scrutinised all aspects of Home’s employment conditions and labour standards via staff interviews, observation and process inspection. This audit was one of the first to be carried out with an Oxfam services provider, and within the charity sector, and Home came out of it with flying colours.
Workplace Giving UK
Workplace Giving UK works with a plethora of charity and corporate organisations to boost payroll giving income, with clients including Arcadia Group Ltd, Barnardo’s, Beaverbrook’s, British Heart Foundation, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks, Crisis and Flight Centre UK Ltd. Those who nominated Workplace Giving praised the organisation for their refreshingly energetic and innovative approach, as well as their willingness to go above and beyond their remit to help their clients increase take up of the scheme, significantly boosting income for the charities they represent. Their ‘Geared for Giving’ campaign alone has provided access to payroll giving to an additional 1.2m employees in the UK and has generated more than £1.5m for charities since 2008, with millions more pledged in future donations.