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Howard Lake | 4 June 2008 | Blogs

I see from the April 2008 newsletter from GuideStar that they are looking into some very interesting developments ….
Over the next year GuideStar investigate the possibility of including charities registered in Northern Ireland in the GuideStar UK database as well as considering the possibility of launching a standalone GuideStar Northern Ireland. The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland is expected to be launched later in 2008, and will undertake the registration and regulation of charities in Northern Ireland. This GuideStar project is to be funded by Lloyds TSB foundation for Northern Ireland.
GuideStar are in discussions with Scottish regulator OSCR ( and others regarding the possible inclusion of charities registered in Scotland in GuideStar UK, or a possible standalone GuideStar Scotland.
The charity register for the Isle of Man, and the proposed (very limited) register for Jersey may be considered by GuideStar in the future.
Looking further afield, GuideStar International is undertaking a project to test the feasibility of developing GuideStar systems in another four European countries (not five, as stated in the newsletter). The project will receive funding from the European Commission, and will be looking at the Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany and Hungary. For more details go to
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For information on researching overseas trusts, see a presentation I gave some time ago on the prospect research email group filepage:
International Foundations RiF Spring 2007.ppt
For (English language) charity and company registers closer to home, see a presentation I gave some time ago on the Trusts & Statutory fundraisers group email group filepage:
“Rummaging in Registers”
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