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Charity Bank rebrands and adds new services

Howard Lake | 30 May 2008 | News

Charity Bank has rebranded with a new look which aims to “more strongly communicate the campaigning ethos and values of the organisation”.
At the same time it has launched an asset finance service for charities and emerging social enterprises and two new deposit products – the Charity Bank Savings Account and the Charity ISA.
The asset finance service has been developed with support from Esmee Fairbairn Foundation in response to an identified need among emerging social enterprises and enterprising charities. It is aimed at organisations that struggle to obtain finance from mainstream sources, but where the purchase of a new computer system or minibus, for example, could make all the difference to their operation.
The savings account earns more interest with more money in the account and the longer it is left there. Charity Bank is working with third sector partners to develop the Charity ISA which offered 4.5 per cent a year and a fifth year bonus for the charity of the depositor’s choice. It is the only tax-free savings account where all the money plus the bonus is used for a charitable purpose.