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Are you a 'luxury' NGO brand?

Howard Lake | 25 May 2008 | Blogs

According to Andrain Lee of Asia Pay 80% of consumers of luxury brands expect the companies behind those brands to have high standards of social responsibility. Joy Sohn, the Fundraising Director at the International Vaccines Institute in Korea, seems to have found a way to engage several of these brands including Cartier. Joy tried to get luxury goods companies to support her when she was at Habitat but was told the charity’s image didn’t fit. All those sweaty people in overalls building houses – no thanks. IVI is a different matter. A UN initiated body, with large scale, state of the art facilities, cutting edge science and the First Lady of Korea as Chair of the Board, IVI has the cache to attract the luxury brands. Have a look at Joy’s ‘gIVIng club’ – www.ivi.org. Could you be a ‘luxury’ non-profit brand?