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MS Society uses cashpoints to promote MS Awareness Week

Howard Lake | 23 April 2008 | News

The MS Society's advert on a cashpoint, with a sample donation print-out
MS Awareness Week promoted via cashpoint

MS Society cashpoint advertThe MS Society is using adverts on cash machine screens to help promote MS Awareness Week, which started on 21 April. They are part of a larger integrated advertising campaign including buses, tubes and airports.

The cash machine adverts, powered by i-design group plc’s ATM:ad software, feature positive visual testimonials from people who have overcome the challenges of multiple sclerosis (MS) by using the resources available to them. The adverts are designed to drive people to the MS website and hotline.

The campaign, which was bought by Total Media, will run for two weeks. The charity expects one million customers will watch the advertisements during the time they wait for cash and receipts to be dispensed.


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

The information will be displayed on cash machines at ASDA stores and post offices in towns and cities across the UK, including Birmingham, Manchester, London and Glasgow. Information on the website and hotline will be printed on the front of the cash receipts so customers have a takeaway reminder. The website currently receives 75,000 users each month while its hotline is called by 16,000 people each year.

Matthew Trainer, head of communications at The MS Society, said: "ATM advertising is a key part of the campaign as it provides a level of personal engagement which other outdoor mediums do not."

Comic Relief used ATM:ad on cash machines to advertise Red Nose Day 2005.