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Concern hopes to raise €7 million from tax refunds

Howard Lake | 8 April 2008 | News

Aid agency Concern aims to boost fundraising by up to €7m in 2008 with a tax-back campaign. Concern can claim back up to 72% of a person’s donation under a little-used Revenue scheme.
Concern is sending out letters and Revenue forms to supporters of its work as part of the campaign.
A Concern spokesman said: “Concern can claim back an extra €63 from a €250 donation if the donor is paying tax at the standard rate and signs the CHY2 form we send in the post.
“This rebate rises to €181 if the donor pays tax at the higher rate and the donation is still €250. Concern estimates that there is over seven million euro which can be reclaimed from Revenue in 2008 if everyone that supports us returns their signed forms.”
The Revenue recently relaunched an advertising campaign calling on taxpayers to claim back taxes that are due to them.
It is believed that hundreds of millions of euro go unclaimed by taxpayers every year.
Concern is marking its 40th anniversary this year.