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Christian Aid to "dramatically" increase income

Howard Lake | 21 November 2007 | News

Christian Aid is to work with Cascaid to dramatically increase its annual income through recruitment and committed giving.

Working as Christian Aid’s strategic partner, Cascaid will help to widen its target market and create new ways to engage existing and new supporters. The agency is set to develop a broader and fuller public perception of its work and look at taking the Christian Aid message to new audiences.

Supporter recruitment and retention manager at Christian Aid Richard Moody said: A key objective is to dramatically increase committed giving. As a complex and multi-faceted organisation, one of our challenges is to bring together our successful fundraising and campaigning messages that have evolved quite brilliantly, but quite separately.


Why your supporters are wealthier than you think... Course by Catherine Miles. Background photo of two sides of a terraced street of houses.

Traditional fundraising for the charity has focused on health and sanitation and providing emergency aid in the developing world, whereas the campaigning messages have tended to take a wider focus in tackling global issues such as third world debt, trade justice, HIV Aids and climate change impact.

New appeals and DM campaigns will include new creative, messages and tones. Targeting and planning will be focused on testing and developing combinations of fully-integrated media to reach people in the right way at the right time and to personally engage individuals. Current media channels include DM, online, inserts and television.