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Baigent redesigns Breakthrough Breast Cancer's online fundraising

Howard Lake | 6 November 2007 | News


Website agency Baigent has redesigned Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s online fundraising system, which will better enable the capture of user data for future marketing campaigns. The revamped website is launched today.

The charity appointed Baigent after its staff attended at one of the agency’s online fundraising seminars earlier in the year. Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s brief to Baigent called for a user-friendly process enabling more sophisticated use of inbound data.

Kate Woods, Baigent’s account manager on the project, explained the reason for the redevelopment. “Breakthrough Breast Cancer was also keen”, she said, “to understand more about the demographics of its donors, so that it could link donors with specific campaigns.


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“As an example, we’re providing donors with the opportunity to set up a ‘Donation in Memory Of ¦’ page, where donations can be tracked, or simply to make a one-off donation if a supporter has lost a close friend or relative to breast cancer.”

Breakthrough Breast Cancer also asked Baigent to tailor online forms to specific needs as part of the charity’s strategy to encourage a greater number of donors and efforts to ‘trade up’ in terms of individual donations.

Woods added: “Our technology is providing a four-page form which makes it possible for an image to be carried across the top of each page, with the left-hand side bar being tailored to a specific campaign – whether that be TV, magazine or online. The top and side bars content are all managed by the charity, using Baigent’s content management system, giving them total control of these elements and thus bringing a consistency of design across the campaign specific pages.”

The charity can now analyse the data it is receiving from each donor, and set up as many personalised campaigns as it requires.