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Stunning Straps – the great fashion accessory that helps you look great and supports breast cancer

Howard Lake | 10 October 2007 | News

Having made a highly successful debut into the female accessories business earlier this year, Stunning Straps (www.stunningstraps.com) announce a retail support initiative with a number of Breast Cancer Charities in which they are to donate 10% of their October retail sales into a special Breast Cancer Fund. The initiative has been implemented to coincide
with this month being the official breast cancer awareness month for 2007.
Stunning Straps are decorative bra straps that simply attach to bras with detachable straps or multi-way bras. They answer the prayers of women who are fed up with bra straps that show when wearing a sleeveless outfit, and also for those who feel uncomfortable in a strapless bra.
The collection starts at just £10 and consists of a wide range of colours and styles to suit every occasion. Straps are available in a variety of beaded and diamante finishes, all of
which can be viewed on the website.
Following its launch at the Asian Lifestyle Show at Olympia in July, Stunning Straps are to show at a number of exhibitions and fairs across the UK. All products can be purchased online
as well as through a growing number of retailers nationwide. The business is keen to increase its presence in the retail market and to forge further links with wholesalers.
As a female start up business Stunning Straps are committed to showing their support for Breast Cancer Charities. Not only is the business donating 10% of its October retail sales into the fund but it will also continue to donate 10% of all future bra strap sales into the fund.
Toral Shah, diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the age of 29, says “I am so excited that Jaime, an old school friend, has taken on the mantle of helping with the promotion of breast cancer awareness in young people by donating some of her profits to breast cancer charities from this unique fashion accessory”. As Toral has had a mastectomy, she understands that many people cannot wear strapless bras. Stunning Straps
ensures that people who are unable to wear strapless bras can still wear their favourite clothes by using these pretty straps on many different types of bras.
As Christmas rapidly approaches Stunning Straps provide an unusual gift idea. You can even buy gift vouchers online so allowing the final choice of straps to be made by the lucky recipient. Remember too that with every order placed in October the company will give 10% of their retail sales to the Breast Cancer Fund, making it even more worthwhile to shop online this month.
What started as a small business just a few months ago looks set to grow into one of the UK’s great niche fashion success stories, while its continued work with Breast Cancer Charities
is sure to earn the business the praise and support it so rightly deserves.
Media Contact:
Jaime Patel
Telephone: 020 8777 6933
Email: Ja***@st************.com
Notes to Editor.
Stunning Straps are happy to discuss possible reader/viewer competitions. Please contact Jaime Patel.