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New prize for young community campaigners

Howard Lake | 12 September 2007 | News

A new prize, CHANGEit, is being launched to celebrate the contribution young people make towards their community.

CHANGEit will be an annual prize run by international leadership organisation Common Purpose which wants to recognize young people who have campaigned for change. All types of campaigns are welcomed, from an alcohol awareness campaigns to a fundraising initiative for a local hospital.

There are two categories:
The Innovation Prize, is to enable young campaigners to get their idea off the ground. The prize money is to be used as seed money to help develop their campaign.


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The Performance Prize, is for young people who have run a successful campaign that has made a positive change in society. This prize is a recognition of their campaigning efforts.

The scheme launches on 10 October 2007 and is open to nominations until 15 December 2007. The prizes will be announced in May, and winners will be presented with a prize of £750 by GMTV presenter Ben Shephard at a ceremony in London.

If you would like to make a nomination of either yourself or a young person that you know, please contact Common Purpose on 020 7608 8148 or go to the website http://www.commonpurpose.org.uk/home/about-us/press.aspx where you will find information about this year’s awards and how to apply.