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Charity Website Benchmarks 2007 released

Howard Lake | 12 July 2007 | News

Cover of Charity Website Benchmarks 2007 study by e-consultancy
Charity Website Benchmarks 2007

Iconcertina.com have released their Charity Website Benchmarks 2007 report, an evaluation of the websites of the top 120 charities’ by voluntary donations.
The report is available to download for £150 from their report partners e-consultancy.com.
Charity websites were evaluated by:
• Usability – is the site easy to use?
• Accessibility – can everyone access the site?
• Communication – can users communicate with the charity and each other?
• Transparency – is the charity open with its information?
• Responsiveness – does the site encourage and support giving, volunteering, fundraising, and corporate involvement?
• Housekeeping – does the site work in harmony with social networking sites?
The report uses largely similar categories to the original 2006 report. This year though the report focuses more on a charity’s social media activities and stated environmental stance for the first time, “reflecting the growing influence and relevance of these factors”.
Iconcertina found that this year charity websites are performing best in terms of usability and that they do well in responsiveness and communication. However, they are weak in housekeeping and transparency. Overall they found that “accessibility scores catastrophically”, indicating “a general lack of consideration in this area”.