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Votivation social network site donates £70,000 to charities

Howard Lake | 4 July 2007 | News

The Votivation website, the democratic social network that offers free polls, petitions and opinions, has raised over £70,000 for charities in the past two years. The social enterprise site, set up by David Hunter, is a resource where “any individual or organisation can set the agenda, generate feedback and distribute the output.”

Mr Hunter explained: “Users win and earn cash after selecting a preferred charity or non-profit with whom to share their cash. We call this ‘Earn & Give’. Users gain from the social interaction within the network and enjoy unique dynamic celebrity, issue and user-driven content.”

Votivation shares 20-45% of net revenues with its members, who can then choose to allocate nothing, half or all of this to their favourite charity. When requested Votivation pays members’ allocated revenue shares, which qualify for Gift Aid where selected by UK members, direct to their charity.


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In addition, Votivation rewards charities directly with 20-45% of all continuing net revenues from members that they introduce or ‘refer’ to the service.

Craig Jones, Votivation’s Managing Director said: “In addition to the fun and buzz of the site, the interaction with the high-profile and influential and the possibility of winning cash, Votivation users know that through their cash donations, feedback and input, they can really make a difference.”

Martin Shaw, a fundraising consultant with MIDAS Charity Appeals Service, who has been advising Votivation since its inception, commented: “This is a new and exciting opportunity for charities and their supporters to make a positive difference through an interactive social enterprise website.”