Aid agencies agree code on images

Howard Lake | 1 May 2007 | News

Irish aid agencies have agreed a new code of conduct on how they use images, including fundraising images, when engaging with the public. The code was agreed at the annual meeting of Dochas, the umbrella organisation of Irish Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) involved in development and relief overseas and/or in the provision of development education.

The code calls on Irish aid agencies to use images and messages that represent the full complexity of situations they deal with to improve the public’s understanding of third world issues. By signing the code, the NGO’s ‘commit to putting in place meaningful mechanisms to ensure that the code’s principles are implemented throughout all acitivities of our organisation.’

The code calls for respect for the dignity of the people concerned and asks organisations to avoid images and messages that stereotype or sensationalise people, situations or places.


One of the provisions of the code also seeks to ensure that suppliers, contractors or media adhere to the code. A copy of the code is available on the Dochas website.