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Vote for the 50 most influential people in fundraising

Howard Lake | 2 March 2007 | News

Professional Fundraising magazine has launched its annual poll to find the 50 most influential people in fundraising. The magazine has listed some individual fundraisers, donors, funders, regulators, celebrities, thinkers and technology providers who have made an impact, but you can vote for whom you wish.

This year the magazine has introduced a few changes because it acknowledges that “while many entrants have undoubtedly earned their place, there are a few whose positioning is questionable, and other names which are missing altogether.”

So, this year it is asking people to consider four specific criteria when making a selection. These focus on whether the individual has:


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* influence over fundraising techniques, mechanisms, and style

* the ability to change perceptions and/or behaviour within the fundraising community

* the ability to change perceptions and/or behaviour among the general public

* influence over fundraising law, regulation and policy

You can vote for up to 10 candidates. Those nominated in top place are given 10 points, with those in second place nine points, and so on. The person with the most points will top the poll.

Professional Fundraising adds “this year we want no more voting for your best friend – or yourself, as has been known in the past.”

There are at least a couple of email-based campaigns doing the rounds at present on behalf of individuals, and both candidates are certainly deserving. While voting for one’s best friend certainly goes on, it is good to see fundraisers keen to see their peers recognised.

Voting closes on 30 March 2007, and the poll results will be announced at the Professional Fundraising Awards on 23 May and in the June issue of Professional Fundraising magazine.

Don’t be confused by the closing date on the website given as 28 February. That’s the closing date for nominations to the Professional Fundraising awards, which share the same website.